Marilyn Ridgewell

If anyone knows the sheer misery and unhappiness caused by being over weight and yoyo dieting I do. Not being able to buy the clothes you want, walking when everyone else is running, sitting when your friends are standing, being constantly that little bit tight in your skin – sound familiar? Well I’ve been there and I know that the worst pain of all is that slight sense that you’re excluded, an outsider when everyone else seems to be having fun. Don’t despair! There is help.

I grew up in the environment of a cottage industry where all we ate we grew – whether from the ground or on four legs or on a tree. Sounds healthy enough, but crucially there was a culture where food was to be enjoyed – indulged. Cakes, love and comfort all blended into one and the damage built up resulting in almost a life time of being overweight.

The key thing for me now is that I’m under control; maintaining a weight and size that is both comfortable and healthy. It was these life experiences that inspired me to go out and learn about the full spectrum of eating and weight related issues so that I could help others overcome their difficulties and begin to re-engage with life as I have.

There’s no philosopher’s stone or magic trick but using formulas developed, managed and maintained to suit you and with my support and counselling, you too can hit a weight managed and maintained to suit you!

As the chinese proverb says: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” so why not take that step and call. 07802 274727

As a counsellor I have:

  • Trained with National Centre for Eating Disorders and BSY
  • Attended Jenny Langley workshops for Carers Support
  • Am DBS (CRB) checked

If you would like to talk to us in confidence and with no obligation please email us or call us on 07802 274727