Obesity Control

Obesity Control

Our aim is not just to make you thinner and healthier

Are you concerned about your weight? The chart below will help you understand what category you might be in.

Use this chart to calculate the health risks associated with your own body shape. It is suitable for both men and women and children over 5 years.

The size of your waist circumference is a good indicator of your over all health risk. Why is this?
Excess fat that is found deep down in the region of the stomach gives someone a large waist circumference and an apple shape, This is often associated with risk factors for serious conditions such as heart disease, raised blood pressure and diabetes.
Excess fat that is found under the skin, around the bottom, hips and thighs is usually accompanied by a smaller waist circumference and a pear shape. This is generally accepted as being less harmful to the health.

Matching your height to your smallest waist circumference, where does your shape fall in the chart?

  • If your shape is in the brown ‘chilli’ region, you should take care, you will not need to reduce your waistline.
  • If your shape is in the green ‘pear’ region, you have a healthy OK shape
  • If your shape falls in the yellow ‘pineapple’ region (particularly the upper end), you should consider action (adults over 18yrs) or take action (children over 5 years). Make certain that you don’t increase your waistline any more.
  • If your shape falls in the red ‘apple’ region, your health is probably at risk. You need to take action.

You should keep your waist circumference to less than half your height.

There is much talk and many beliefs about obesity therefore we don’t make assumptions. Our approach is to get behind the reasons, to manage attitude and behaviour.

We don’t hand our clients a diet sheet asking you to eat low fat food, ask our clients to get on the scales weekly or go to the gym.

The following are the basic principles behind our approach to reducing your weight and then sustaining it at a level that will keep you healthy. We will guide you through all of these with consistent help and support.

Our aim is not just to make you thinner and healthier – of course we can help you do this – what we really want is to make you happier, why else would you start this journey?

We’re not just here to give you a pat on the back. We recognise that happiness comes from a purpose and meaning in life. We will help you to try to find what that is for you by re-connecting you with personal relationships and seeking out your strengths and knowing your weaknesses.

Our role is of guide and mentor. We will be your confidant throughout the journey, not only to encourage and advise but, most importantly, to let you know that you are not on your own.

Our principles of a good weight management service:

  • Changing weight through multiple behaviours
  • Changing weight by harnessing the mental, physical, social and emotional aspects of your life
  • Recognising that changing weight is a long-term plan
  • Recognising there is no quick fix
  • Becoming and remaining motivated
  • Dealing with the barriers and road-blocks you will encounter along the way
  • Ensuring that change does not interfere with your basic need for happiness

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